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Read independent coverage of Social EQ as well as tweets from APCO and The Huffington Post about our rollout of this groundbreaking ranking system.

Social Informants and Social EQ
Measurement of the effectiveness of a company’s social media presence.

November 25, 2010
By Ben Schott

Writing for The Huffington Post, Evan Kraus, director of strategic communications firm APCO, explained why companies are hoping to reach Social Informants – a group of Internet users who influence their online followers...

What Companies Can Learn From Social Informants
November 17, 2010
By Evan Kraus

You often hear companies, organizations, and even celebrities claim social media success based on how many fans, friends and followers they have. But is that really an accurate measure of success?

We at APCO believe that influence is a far more important gauge than raw numbers. Those Internet users with the most influence among their peers don't just have followers -- they have engaged followers. And by promoting this engagement, these influencers -- a group we call Social Informants -- have the ability to build buzz behind new products and spark debate with new ideas, creating a ripple-effect by sharing information.

Press Release: APCO Partners With The Huffington Post On Innovative Study of Social Media Success
November 11, 2010

Research Identifies Key Factors for Interactive Effectiveness; Re-Ranks Fortune’s 40 Most-Admired Companies in Order of Social Media Achievement

Navigating Through the Maze of Options and Solutions in a Web 2.0 World
November 5, 2010
Lee Hornick, Program Director, The Conference Board
Eric Boyles, Director, Global Interactive Marketing, Medtronic, Inc.
Evan Kraus, Senior Vice President and Director, APCO Online
Natalie Johnson, Manager, Digital and Social Media, The Coca-Cola Company

Evan and his copanelists discussed possible applications of the knowledge gleaned from the groundbreaking Social EQ study on internal and external communication, media relations, technology, and strategic communication planning.

Building Stronger Relationships With Employees
November 3, 2010
Peter Debreceny, Consultant, Gagen MacDonald
Evan Kraus, Senior Vice President and Director, APCO Online

Speaking to a workshop of leading corporate communicators, Peter and Evan revealed the importance of, as well as techniques for, executive and employee engagement in social media efforts as indicated by the Social EQ model.